Steps for Noregon Registration:

1. Noregon must receive an email sent to with the following information:
a. Company Information (Business Name, Contact, Phone Number, Address)
b. JPRO® Heavy-Duty License Key
c. Email Address where the new JPRO® Heavy-Duty with OnCommand™ License Key will be sent.
2. Noregon Technical Support will create and email the JPRO® Heavy-Duty with OnCommand™ License Key.
3. Customer to enter the new license key on the machine that matches the License Key that was sent:
a. Open JPRO®
b. Click “Application Settings”
c. Click “Registration”
d. License Keys section
e. Enter new License Key:
i. xxxxxxxxxx – Heavy Duty
1. NOTE: If the License Key is not listed here you have a Fleet License Key.
2. Contact Noregon Technical Support at 336-970-5567 or send request to
f. Click “Add”
g. Click “Update Registration”